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MALKO is always open for business,

- sales of women's clothing (as well as distributors and dealers)

- production of women's clothing (enterprises, designers, IP)


MALKO wholesale and retail
design of the models of the Customer
(including the complete set of technical and business documentation)
printing patterns
ordering of materials and manufacturing

design and technology for a finished product
WTO for various types of fabric
we have automated workplaces of designers and distributors
The rules of the Customs Union have been approved, and have been approved by the Customs Union on the safety of goods 017/2011 “On the safety of goods”. light industry products ”
We guarantee high quality,
For our own production, we use European-made fabrics and accessories (including alpaca, cashmere, natural silk, wool). Buttons from natural materials: koroza, horn. Viscose lining
The production of MALKO is a technological update. Introduced modern machinery and equipment.

MALKO offers a flexible approach to each customer:

terms and conditions of payment
you can choose
sales of products at wholesale prices regardless of the order
There are no restrictions on the model.
we offer gift certificates for various amounts

We will need the following documents:


registration of a legal entity
not public authority (if not authorized)

certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur
certificate of registration with tax authorities
copy of the passport
You can order products in any convenient way for you (by phone, via e-mail or via the online store

Payment terms are negotiated separately when entering into a supply agreement.

The package can be executed remotely.

Delivery is carried out by courier and postal service.

We accept both cash and non-cash payment methods.

It can be shipped, you can only choose it.

Return of goods is guaranteed.

Shipment of products produced on the basis of 100% prepayment.

MALKO maintains the information
component materials
guarantees the rational use of raw materials
Designers and individual entrepreneurs.
You need the following information:

technical sketch of the model
features of processing of the product of the inner pocket
construction (who develops, who makes the gradation)
sample availability (if any)
type of raw material
number of units
terms of supply of raw materials
product availability dates
Contact Information:

Phones for communication:

+375 (29) 589-09-92,
+375 (29) 177-60-75
Viber / whatsapp
for orders:
Legal address:

IP Berezovsky Dmitry Evgenievich,

231400 Novogrudok, ul. Frunze 29/1

Republic of Belarus