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All the fair sex like high-quality and modern clothes, because each of them strives to look good. Such are the female models of the young Belarusian brand MALKO. We have several categories of clothing that is always in demand. Tailoring products in small batches allows you to make the female look individual, to avoid standards. It is always a pleasure to buy a high-quality item for any girl. We do everything to highlight your beauty.
Own sewing workshop and high qualification of our craftsmen allows you to create beautiful memorable clothes. A high-quality women's blouse, shirt or top, which you can cheaply buy from us at MALKO, will create you a good mood, and you will wish to purchase other things of our production. Handwork in the execution of products or some of their parts, according to sewing traditions, make our coats, jackets, jackets original. Our products are perfectly tailored, fit perfectly on the figure, looks at ease with hints of light chic. Stylish and elegant pants, skirt or dress are highly appreciated by our customers, and they certainly want to buy them.